Heather Leeming and her medical malpractice attorney have filed a lawsuit against Tulane University School of Medicine and one of its employee’s alleging professional negligence, hospital neglect, and medical malpractice led to the death of her husband James D. Leeming, as reported by louisianarecord.com.

The lawsuit names Heather Leeming and her minor son Kobe Leeming as the plaintiffs and seeks unspecified damages for economic, non-economic and punitive damages. According to the suit, the negligence of the doctor and the hospital at large aggravated gastrointestinal bleeding in her husband, which led to his death. The lawsuit has been filed in the Orleans Parish First Civil District Court 28 May and identifies the defendants as Tulane University School of Medicine and Dr. Michael Royster.

As per the details provided in the court document, James D. Leeming suffered from a gastrointestinal bleed back in 2011 and then consulted professionals at Tulane University School of Medicine. He was admitted as an in-patient into the medical facility and passed away only a month after he was in their care. The hospital neglect was clear.

Ask for help Dr. Royster!

Supposedly, Dr. Royster’s care was substandard and not of acceptable standard. He has been accused of failing to thoroughly evaluate Leeming, failing to alert other professionals of his declining medical condition and blood loss, and also of failing to shift Leeming from his room in the hospital to the intensive care unit until it was already too late. The lawsuit seeks damages for pain and suffering (of James Leeming prior to his death), medical expenses, loss of consortium, and also for wrongful death. The specific dollar amount has been sealed from public access.

mother, son and doctor visiting grandmother in nursing home

Shocking case of medical malpractice surfaces in Tulane Hospital in New Orleans

Allegations of negligence have been made in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a family who lost their relative while he was admitted at a New Orleans’ Tulane Hospital and was being treated by a group of doctors there, as reported by louisianarecord.com.

Autopsy reveals cancer patient that was undergoing chemotherapy never had cancer

The family’s medical malpractice attorney who could have been derived from the glistening virtual website USAttorneys.com claims that the man was undergoing cancer treatment, including health taxing chemotherapy sessions but he did not even have cancer. Allegedly, the doctors misdiagnosed him with cancer and had begun to treat the victim accordingly. After his death, an autopsy revealed that the decedent never had cancer in the first place, and that he might have died just as a result of the unnecessary and dangerous treatment, not so much hospital neglect.

The victim has been identified as Melvin D. Stithem. Shockingly, trained doctors somehow failed to properly interpret radiological images and other tests, and somehow concluded that he had liver cancer.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for unnecessary treatment and invasive procedures, pain and suffering, mental suffering and wrongful death. The defendants in the case are Tulane University Hospital, and the following doctors – Luis A. Balart, Joseph F. Buell and Barry G. Blank. The lawsuit was lodged in New Orleans Parish Civil District Court on June 9th.