Like every other major city, Denver Colorado has a number of people who require services from a physician at any given time. Doctors are trusted by the public to perform life saving operations and surgeries every day. However, there are also many people who are victimized by a doctor’s improper procedures and practices. In some situations this causes permanent injuries or even death. When these kinds of disasters occur, the best course of action is to contact a local lawyer who is experienced in medical malpractice cases. The law provides remedies for those injured by a doctor’s malpractice.

A Local Example

The Denver Post has reported on one local medical practice that was charged with numerous counts of unprofessional conduct from the Colorado Medical Board after several complaints. Doctor Warren Kortz had left sponges and instruments inside of patients after surgeries and aborted kidney donations due to avoidable mistakes. There is also a nationwide investigation about the effectiveness of the robotic arm procedures that Kortz and other doctors have relied heavily upon in recent years. Kortz had apparently misled patients about the history of the relatively new robotic arm and deviated from the state’s guidelines for standard care by using it for kidney removal procedures. There are now several negligence lawsuits from harmed individuals pending against his practice as well.

How Informed Consent Works

Doctors are only human and there are a number of ways they cause injuries to their patients. There are cautionary stories of plastic surgery that result in permanent disfigurement rather than enhancements. Sometimes a simple step like putting a person to sleep with an anesthetic can go wrong, causing death. Because of the serious risks associated with these procedures, doctors need to give certain pieces of information before a procedure can begin.

Like all professionals, doctors are held to certain ethical standards while they are working. These standards are codified into various professional regulations and enforced by a state medical board. One of the most important aspects of their job is the doctrine of informed consent. This means full disclosure of potential complications and side effects of a course of action. Colorado law requires a certain version of informed consent, and the state’s requirements are much higher than having a patient sign off on some forms. Paperwork in hospitals and other medical settings is often written in terminology that is not easy to understand. Colorado law also allows patients to refuse absolutely any kind of treatment, even if it is a life saving procedure. The state defines complete informed consent as informing the patient about the procedure in simple language, an explanation of possible other forms of treatment, a summary of the outcome of the course of action including negative aspects, and a final confirmation that the patient understands everything they were told. All of this must also be completed before any steps to start a procedure can begin.

In the real world, it can be difficult for doctors to take them time to go through this process with every single patient. Mistakes are made, but the consequences of medical malpractice are so severe for victims that doctors have no excuse for not following professional guidelines and making a proper diagnosis even during their busiest hours. A breach of these duties creates a situation where those harmed by the doctor’s actions are entitled to compensation for their suffering.

Get Help from an Expert Medical Malpractice Attorney in Denver

If you feel that you were not adequately informed about a recent medical procedure, you may be a victim of malpractice. An attorney in the Denver area at the Brake Law Firm can speak with you about the specifics of the harm caused by your physician. The lawyer can also recommend the best course of action regarding a possible lawsuit.