What Diseases Are Difficult for Doctors to Diagnose?

Just because a doctor goes to school and “earns” the right to wear that white coat of theirs doesn’t necessarily mean they will always have all the answers you are looking for. As you may already be aware, each doctor you visit with, regardless of the type of treatment, is going to handle you differently. Some are more concerned than others and will take the time to truly diagnose your condition. Others, unfortunately, will jump to conclusions and misdiagnose a patient for a condition they “think” they have based on the few tests that were run. Sadly, this is where trouble often lurks and medical malpractice cases in cities like Rockville, and others in Maryland arise from.

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There are certain diseases that carry the same symptoms as others which make it difficult for doctors to diagnose them.

While we can’t expect all doctors to match up to the best ones we’ve ever been treated by, we do expect them to do their job correctly. But this can sometimes be difficult for a doctor when they are faced with a disease that most physicians commonly get wrong. If you think back, try and remember whether you have ever been to the doctor with a strange ache, pain, or sickness and your health care professional wasn’t exactly sure that was wrong. Were you able to picture a time when that happened? If so, it is probably because your symptoms fit the description of another condition which led to you being misdiagnosed or left untreated.  Although you were probably okay, Rockville medical malpractice attorneys recognize this as a serious issue that can lead to much more damage.

Therefore, to help you become more informed of the many diseases doctors often get wrong, below are several according to CNN Health.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis

This illness is known to cause inflammation and painful swelling of joints. Anyone, at any age, can experience rheumatoid arthritis. When someone is experiencing the early stages of the disease, it often mimics body aches and stiffness, which obviously can be attributed to several different things.

  1. Multiple sclerosis

This disease “occurs when the immune system attacks the body’s own nerve cells and disrupts communication between the brain and the rest of the body.” Someone may experience numbness or weakness and the symptoms sometimes come and go. These symptoms are common in many other conditions so a doctor isn’t going to automatically assume someone has MS unless they are positive of it.

  1. Diabetes

This is rather scary to consider as one of the diseases doctors overlook mainly because if a person isn’t eating right or receiving the proper medicine, they could die unexpectedly. But, according to CNN Heath, someone can have diabetes in their system for years before it becomes a serious issue. Elevated blood sugar levels are common among many so they don’t realize they have a condition until more serious symptoms begin to show themselves.

What to do if a Doctor Misdiagnoses You?

As you can see, certain conditions are harder to target than others. But, what makes a situation different from one another is whether the treating doctor performed the proper testing and attempted to treat you based on the evidence they had. If a physician fails to do this, they run the risk of harming the patient and could potentially be sued with medical malpractice.

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