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Expecting mothers are admitted into Virginia hospitals on a daily basis. Some for delivery, others for pregnancy complications. When a mother is going through the labor and delivery process, it is vital that the practicing doctor and nurse provide the patient and baby with the proper care. Newborns are extremely fragile and can suffer a broken or fractured bone much quicker than the average person. Broken bones and fractures are one type of birth injury a newborn can suffer from and we will explain a little more about that below.

If you suffered an injury when you were admitted into the hospital or your newborn was harmed before, during, or after your delivery and you feel there is a direct link between their injury and the treating physician, you might have what is called a medical malpractice claim on your hands. Medical malpractice, also referred to as medical negligence, is when your health care provider didn’t render care at the standard they were supposed to. This means that in some way, they were careless or even negligent and that is the ultimate cause of you or your baby’s injury.


Did your newborn suffer from a fractured bone?


While you have your fair share of doctors who take care of you during your stay in the hospital, there are some out there that aren’t as gentle or attentive as they should be. This is usually why many medical accidents occur such as your little one suffering from a fractured bone.

Some common symptoms of a fractured bone include:

  • You might find that your baby is constantly crying when you touch a certain area of their body.
  • They are unable to move that part of their body, whether it be their arm, leg, or shoulder
  • You might notice some swelling in the area.
  • There might be some redness or bruising.


Something to consider is that you might not be aware that your newborn suffered an injury following the delivery as they often cry as they take in the world for the first time. Therefore, if you realize a few days later that something just isn’t right, this is when you need to consider getting a nearby Virginia medical malpractice lawyer on the phone immediately. You need someone who can act fast and devise a plan of action that will get you and your baby the legal assistance you need.

It is also advisable that you seek further medical attention from a doctor who can possibly provide you with a diagnosis as to why your baby is in pain. This medical documentation can also help support your case should you decide to take further legal action. works with all types of people who suffered from various types of medical errors on a daily basis. Regardless of how serious or minor your injury or illness might be, we want to get you connected with a reputable Virginia medical malpractice lawyer in your city who can guide you and advise you as you endure this unforeseen struggle.