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Misdiagnosing a patient is one of the most common types of medical malpractice that occurs. This can occur when a health care physician delays diagnosing a patient or completely fails to identify the cause of someone’s illness. This means a patient might miss a treatment or fail to receive the necessary medical attention that would help to treat their condition. This can often lead to patient death or other serious health concerns.

If you or someone close to you was misdiagnosed or your physician failed to take the necessary steps to rule out a condition in which you were suffering symptoms of, they may be recognized for medical malpractice. If you can prove they behaved negligently in some way, you may be entitled to receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars should you win your case. When a doctor displays signs of negligence, they can be acknowledged for this wrongdoing by either filing a medical malpractice claim or even going as far as a lawsuit.

If you would like to learn more about this as you might be under the impression that you are a victim yourself, give us a call today here at today. We have connections with some of the best medical malpractice lawyers here in the state of Vermont and will gladly place you in touch with them.

They can bring some clarity and ease into your situation as you are probably under a significant amount of stress and uncertainty. Medical negligence claims aren’t the easiest to get through which is why you want to have all the support you can get, starting with a dependable VT medical malpractice lawyer.


What would be an example of when a doctor displayed medical negligence?


Every doctor is required to abide by certain standards. If someone comes into a doctor’s office or hospital complaining of symptoms that may indicate that they may have a heart injury or illness, the doctor should perform all the necessary tests to either rule out if they do in fact have a heart issue or not.  If they don’t and the patient later learns they do but their condition has worsened due to lack of treatment, the doctor could very well be charged with medical malpractice.

In order to prove this, you are going to need evidence and of course, a reputable and dependable medical malpractice lawyer who practices in the state of Vermont.


How are hospitals rated in the state of Vermont?


Consumer Reports rates Vermont’s hospitals using scientifically-based data on patient experience and their outcomes and hospital practices gathered from public sources. One way these ratings can help you is by allowing you to choose the one that is going to be best for you or a loved one. Therefore, a few hospitals are listed below along with their ratings.


  • Gifford Medical Center, Randolph, VT

Rated poorly for avoiding c. difficile infections and ranked average for discharge instructions. Our Vermont medical malpractice lawyers recognize how serious and life-threatening these matters can be which isn’t what you want to have to deal with when at the hospital.


  • Northwestern Medical Center, Saint Albans, VT

This hospital was rated with a score of 41 because it also ranked poorly for avoiding  infections.


  • Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Bennington, VT

This facility received a score of 71, ranked higher on discharge instructions but average on avoiding c. difficile infections.

To learn more about the hospitals and how they are rated, click here to visit Consumer Reports.