When US Representative Steven Palazzo decided to host the VA forum in Biloxi, Mississippi, he probably expected to hear rants and complaints. He got those by an earful, but along with it he also got to see the stoic heroism of the generation that has been heralded as the “the Greatest Generation” in American history. Even though frail and old, these veterans were still hoping and making plans to better a process they know by experience to be broken completely, instead of just giving up on the system that gave up on them for sure.

Forum attracts around 100 veterans

The forum which was held in Biloxi attracted around 100 war veterans who had gathered to listen and talk with US Rep. Steven Palazzo and help him and his fellow lawmakers come up with solutions to better a system that is clearly fault ridden to the core. The veterans were representatives of various organizations such as Veterans of Foreign Wars, Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi, Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCorps Mississippi, and the American Red Cross. Palazzo’s initiative has brought to the fore even more stories of widespread incompetence and corruption that have damaged the VA’s credibility recently.

In his opening remarks, Palazzo addressed the gathering by declaring that legislation was moving through Congress which would deal with the problems that are rife within the VA. He said that annual bonuses for VA administrators amounting in the form of millions of dollars have been suspended because of the recent scandal.  Palazzo also touched on the resignation of former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki which he had personally worked towards, and the recent reform legislation that draws on Shinseki’s resignation by expediting firing of VA officials in the elite offices.

The VA scandal though is not as bad as the IRS. America is in a sad place right now.

The VA scandal though is not as bad as the IRS scandal. America is in a sad place right now.

Some of them should be executed according to many Americans.

The legislation also gives provisions for expanding private care access to the veterans with the expenses borne by the VA and places a two year prohibition on any VA bonuses. Palazzo’s forum was one of the ways in which he has been interacting with VA veterans and VA facility members throughout South Mississippi.

Palazzo, who is also a Marine Corps veteran himself, said that he could relate to the frustration felt by the veterans in the country who were being denied access to proper healthcare – one of the promises that the country had made to them in return of their great service to the nation.

VA scandal one of the worst cases of medical negligence

Medical malpractice attorneys who are familiar with the scandal say that the scale of the issue makes it one of the worse in American history. The VA has offered $1 billion to veteran’s families to quell lawsuits brought forward by the families’ medical malpractice attorneys, but clearly this is not the best solution. Relief can come only when some concrete steps are taken to put a more foolhardy system in place that checks corruption and provides access to the much needed medical assistance these veterans need. Otherwise, the only recourse left to these forgotten fighters is to approach a medical malpractice attorney and fight another battle for their rights.