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If you wish to report a problem you experienced with a medical practitioner and you live in the state of Tennessee, you are going to want to go through the Health Related Boards, Office of Investigation. You can contact this department by calling 800-852-2187 or download complaint form PH-3466 to submit your complaint through the mail. While there are several doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers throughout the state of Tennessee who are providing quality and exceptional care to patients who need it, there are a few who may not be meeting the state’s standard level of care.


What is Medical Malpractice?


When a physician or other nursing health care worker doesn’t comply with the requirements listed in the state statutes, they are subjected to the consequences that could arise from their misconduct if they are found guilty. While the Office of Investigations is one way to report your claims against a doctor, you can also take action against a negligent physician by contacting one of our recommended Tennessee medical malpractice attorneys listed here on our site.

In many instances, when a person sustains an injury caused by a health care worker, they often suffer greatly and some even lose their lives. Therefore, if you are in search of legal help because you believe a doctor is the cause of your loved one’s death, it is essential you take action now. Far too often the blame for a wrongful death is thrown around and not on a doctor who may have caused the it.

If you are dealing with this issue now, leave it up to our Tennessee medical malpractice lawyers to help you prove that your claims are true and that the nurse or physician was in fact responsible for harming or even killing your relative.


Were You Injured By a Doctor or Other Medical Worker?


If you answered yes, you may have a million different questions going through your mind including:


Being the victim of a medical error can vary in severity and you may be overwhelmed by the fact that you are forced to live with a condition that could have been prevented had your doctor been more careful. You might not know what to do now or who to call which is why we are here.

USAttorneys is here to help you and any other individuals seeking legal aid from a medical malpractice attorney in the state of Tennessee find a professional who is suitable to take on your case. Caring and compassionate lawyers aren’t always easy to come by, but with our help, you will be sure to connect with a legal representative who is going to be aggressive and determined to help get you the compensation you deserve.

You can give us a call and one of our helpful agents will listen to the concerns you have and begin working with you to find a TN medical negligence attorney who is in your area.