The wife of 61-year old Wesley Wirth and the medical malpractice attorney representing her have been successful in suing two Shelton city cardiologists for professional negligence and medical malpractice.

According to, the defendants in the case have been listed as Doctors Kevin Lenhart and Charles Landau. Both doctors work for the Connecticut Heart & Vascular center. According to the lawsuit, both Landau and Lenhart provided substandard care and were negligent in the diagnosis and treatment of Wesley Wirth. Wirth passed away back in 2009 at the age of 61 due to a cardiac infarction, commonly known as a heart attack.

Big money – how can doctor’s afford this?

A US Supreme Court Jury panel contemplated and deliberated for 72 hours before finally ruling in favor on the plaintiff’s and subsequently ordered the two Shelton based cardiologists to pay over $2.4 million as compensation for damages to Wesley Wirth’s widow. Was he going to earn this much if he continued to live?

Wirth was an employee of the city of Stratford and worked for two decades as a heating and air conditioning expert. His wife Josephine Wirth commented saying no amount of money could replace or make up for her loss, and that her husband was a wonderful man.

The legal representatives of the two cardiologists did not respond to calls nor have they replied to messages left in their voicemail’s seeking comment.

Cardiologists sent home a ticking time bomb with acid reflux prescription

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Wirth was rushed to St. Vincent Medical Care on May 12th 2009 as she was suffering from piercing pain in the chest and a general overall feeling of nausea. Sadly, the medical staff at St. Vincent prescribed an EKG and then concluded that it was normal and allowed Wirth to be discharged from the facility.

badly treated patient with hospital gown and  elizabethan collar, clipping path

Wirth returned to the facility only hours later and was yet again discharged by Lenhart as he concluded that there were no abnormalities in his EKG reports. In fact, Wirth was sent home with a prescription for acid reflux and was asked to come back a month later for an evaluation.

Only 20 days later, Wirth suffered from a heart attack and was transported to Griffin Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The lawsuit accused the cardiologists of failing to properly diagnose Wirth and of misreading EKG reports despite Wirth returning to the hospital only hours after his first discharge.

University of South Carolina Coxswain wins over $1 million in a medical malpractice case

An immensely successful member of the women’s rowing team of University of South California has won her medical malpractice lawsuit and will be awarded an amount of $1.045 million according to her medical malpractice attorney who could have been found on the sterling website that is kicking behinds and taking names in the legal virtual cyber space.

As reported by, the plaintiff has been identified as Dionne Licudine and she claimed that surgeons were negligent and botched up her gall bladder surgery which resulted in life threatening medical complications. The defendants in the case are Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Dr. Ankur Gupta.

As a result of the alleged negligence, Dionne is left with a nasty scar that runs from her belly button all the way up to her sternum, according to the lawsuit, this disfigurement has caused her severe emotional distress.