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If so, you need to speak with a licensed and highly skilled medical malpractice lawyer in the state of Rhode Island immediately.

Medical negligence cases can range in severity and can include physical and mental agony. And once a patient realizes something wasn’t done right, it isn’t always that easy to hold a doctor accountable who has insurance and other laws that can be used to protect them. This is why you need a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice, and you need one fast.

While a physician has certain laws protecting him/her and their practice, you have rights as a patient and you are going to need some aggressive legal representation that can exercise these rights for you.

USAttorneys helps victims of medical errors find nearby attorneys in the state of Rhode Island free of charge. And best of all, they have years’ worth of experience and can use this to help benefit and build you a solid and strong case.


What Can I Collect as a Victim of Medical Malpractice?


A medical negligence case can range tremendously. There are cases where a doctor performed the wrong procedure on a patient and there are those where a person was diagnosed incorrectly which led them to undergo several tests and consume harmful medications. Each case is always going to be different, therefore, it is hard to truly determine what your own case is worth without having one of our medical malpractice attorneys in RI review it.

Now, generally speaking, there are two types of compensation you may be able to collect in terms of medical expenses. There are other types of damages you may be entitled to collect as well but for now, we are going to focus on the medical bills as these can build up rather quickly and most are pretty expensive.

  • Compensation for past medical expenses- According to the American Bar Association, a plaintiff can attempt to recover the actual costs they incurred for treating the injury which helped to improve their condition or at least attempted to. Some medical mistakes can be rather hard to correct so it can take some extensive treatments before a patient feels some sort of relief.
  • Future medical expenses should be compensated as well- Has your doctor informed you that the injuries or harm imposed is expected to require on-going medical attention? While these expenses may not be determined with “mathematical precision,” your medical malpractice lawyer along with your treating physician can help work out what this amount might be. It is then up to the representative of the responsible party to decide if they are willing to compensate you in accordance with your demands.


Who Can be Held Responsible for My Medical Mistake?


While this can be best answered by one of the Rhode Island medical malpractice attorneys recommended on our website, generally, there are a few parties that may be held accountable for your pain and suffering.

Although some medical malpractice victims are able to successfully collect from both sources, it all comes down to the circumstances surrounding your incident and who is truly responsible for bringing upon this incident. If it can be proven that both were contributors to the injury, then by all means, allow your RI medical malpractice attorney to pursue charges that recognize both.