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Did you recently undergo a medical procedure and you feel a mistake was made? Perhaps it has been several months and you are now learning that the operation you had performed was done so incorrectly? When a doctor, nurse, or other health care professional makes a mistake, whether it was unknown or out of shear negligence, they should be recognized for their wrongdoing. This is how medical malpractice lawsuits arise.

The Oregon medical malpractice attorneys featured here on our website can assist anyone looking to file a claim or lawsuit against a medical professional regardless of the type of procedure that was done.


Your Injuries Should be Recognized and The Physician Should be Held Accountable


People undergo surgery each and every day and each procedure ranges from those that are invasive and others that are considered less-invasive. But, just because a surgery is considered less-invasive doesn’t mean the physician can’t make a mistake. Many people have experienced cases where they lost a loved one after having their tonsils removed which is a procedure that doesn’t take long to have done nor is it recognized for having a long recovery period.

Doctors and all others who provide care to patients have an obligation they must fulfill. One of these includes that the doctor ensures their patient is well enough to have treatment rendered or isn’t suffering from an illness that could potentially worsen if they have a procedure done. When they fail to do this and the patient suffers, they may be recognized for being careless and could be required to cover the compensation the injured victim is eligible to receive.


Did You Have a Plastic Surgery Procedure Done and Feel the Surgeon Made an Error?


Plastic surgery is one of the most requested medical procedures patients wish to have done. Although a doctor may not be held accountable if the patient doesn’t like the outcome, if they harmed the individual in any way, then there is a chance a claim or lawsuit could be filed and compensation awarded.


High-Rated Plastic Surgeons in Oregon


While some victims of medical malpractice suffer from conditions that can only be treated for temporary relief, there are cases where further surgery may be required to help heal the damage that was done. If you are looking have your mistake corrected, below are some highly-rated plastic surgeons throughout the state of OR based on reviews from


Portland, Oregon

Dr. Ronald DeMars

10201 SE Main St #20, Portland, OR 97216



John S. Lee MD

2363 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97210



Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics

5100 SW Macadam Ave #180, Portland, OR 97239



Salem, Oregon

Neaman Plastic Surgery

1430 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302



Dr. Dann K. Leonard, MD

700 Bellevue St SE #280, Salem, OR 97301



Edwin N. Austin, MD

875 Oak St SE #4060, Salem, OR 97301



Eugene, Oregon

Movassaghi Plastic Surgery & Ziba Medical Spa

330 S Garden Way Suite 100, Eugene, OR 97401



Dr. Lee B. Daniel Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

244 Country Club Rd, Eugene, OR 97401



Mark L. Jewell, MD

10 Coburg Rd #300, Eugene, OR 97401



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