A Louisiana woman traveled down to South Florida just a few days ago after scheduling a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Arnaldo Valls at the Jolie Surgery Center in Miami. Kizzy London, 40, was expecting to undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure but complications arose toward the end of the operation. According to Dr. Valls who released a statement to WSVN, “all standard pre-operative procedures were administered. The patient developed cardiac arrest towards the end of the operation, and immediate resuscitation efforts were taken.” The doctor called 911 and paramedics arrived transporting London to a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, London did not survive the surgery. Her family flew from Louisiana, forced to say goodbye to their loved one for good. While Dr. Valls allegedly performed all pre-operative procedures, the Miami-Herald pointed out that he “is not board certified in any specialty and carries no medical malpractice insurance.” This information is what is listed in his physician profile that is maintained by the Florida Department of Health. To make matters worse, the clinic where London went advertises itself using its main office address which isn’t the same as the actual clinic’s location and is registered with the health department as a massage establishment.

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It is important that if you are considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure that you at least choose a doctor who is board certified in that field.

So, not only is this doctor performing procedures that he isn’t exactly qualified to do, but his main facility identifies itself as a massage facility which is much different than an establishment that performs cosmetic surgeries. While he did mention that these types of surgeries do “carry risks,” he has performed thousands with a “clean record.” While the doctor himself might have a clean track record, the facility itself doesn’t. Back in September 2016, 32-year-old Maria Christian from Ecuador underwent the same type of procedure at the same clinic and also went into cardiac arrest. She passed away from the complications that arose, leaving two children behind. The facility was called Vanity Cosmetic Surgery at the time Christian had her procedure performed.

With two deaths under the clinic’s belt, London’s sister-in-law also identified some flaws. She stated that after seeing “one girl leaving with blood all over the back of her dress,” “people are still coming here for procedures” [Source: My Fox 8].  The family is now seeking answers as to why their loved one is no longer alive. Perhaps they should consider hiring a Florida medical malpractice lawyer as these professionals have the ability to get to the bottom of these types of cases.


How dangerous are Brazilian butt lifts?


With social media and society putting much emphasis on butt lifts, it isn’t exactly uncommon for these procedures to be administered. In 2016 alone, this procedure was identified as the sixth most popular type of plastic surgery to be performed with 18,489 procedures recorded. While complications can arise with any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important that the right type of doctor is performing the surgery.

Aside from choosing the wrong type of physician, which increases your chances of experiencing complications dramatically, Women’s Health Magazine highlighted some others that could arise during a Brazilian butt lift procedure. These include:


  1. Fat embolism, which is when the “fat is accidentally injected into big blood vessels in the butt and travels to the lungs, potentially causing death.”
  2. Contour abnormalities.
  3. Too much or too little fat was removed.


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