The Leapfrog Group, which is a nonprofit group founded by employers and healthcare providers, took it upon themselves to rank hospitals in Massachusetts using a grading system that would determine how safe the hospital was for a patient to seek treatment from. Leapfrog looked at things such as medical errors, injuries, infections, and accidents that have been reported to determine the grade for each facility. The goal of establishing these grades was to “determine what a patient’s risk of further injury or infection is if they visit a certain hospital.”

The grading scale used was similar to the one used in a classroom where the grades range from A to F. If the hospital received an “A,” that indicated that it was safe and that it did not pose as a risk that could potentially worsen a patient’s condition. A grade of an “F” on the other hand, meant that the hospital was deemed unsafe and posed as a significant threat to someone seeking treatment from it.

So, how did hospitals rank statewide? We are here to share with you some of the grades certain hospitals received so that you are able to make an informed decision the next time you need a procedure done or are ill and need immediate medical attention.

If you live in Boston, you will be glad to know that two of the hospitals located in this area received a grade of an A. Both Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital ranked highly with Leapfrog and didn’t show signs of risk for patients. While those two hospitals might be an ideal place to consider going if there is ever a need, you might want to reconsider UMass Memorial, both the University Campus and the Memorial Campus’. They both received a “C,” and have done so since 2014. A “C” means that patients being treated here are 35% more at risk of an avoidable death than at other hospitals who have higher grades.


What Other Hospitals in the State of Massachusetts Received an A Grade?


If you are wondering what other hospitals earned an A, below we have listed some of these for you.

  • Hallmark Health System Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
  • Addison Gilbert Hospital
  • Baystate Noble Hospital
  • Holyoke Medical Center
  • Lowell General Hospital-Saints Campus
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Needham
  • Tobey Hospital
  • Winchester Hospital


You can also visit to view the entire list at your leisure.


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