While doctors give out medications for various health problems and conditions every day, sometimes these drugs also cause injuries and death. Civil lawsuits are the best way to make drug manufacturers and doctors responsible for their negligence if they have contributed to these problems. 

The CDC has dedicated a place on their website to reporting on the number of Americans who have been killed by prescription drugs. 

Thousands of Americans have died because of their prescriptions

According to their data, in 2018 out of approximately 67,000 drug related deaths and overdoses, a majority involved a prescription or an opioid. People who are taking more than one prescription drug or medication at the same time are also at an increased risk. 

While not all overdoses end in death, drug use is still considered one of the leading causes of death in the United States, with over 750,000 deaths between 1998 and 2019. Opiate based drugs, many of which were prescribed as painkillers, are responsible for a majority of those deaths. In some situations, doctors who illegally or improperly prescribe certain drugs may be guilty of malpractice.  

The CDC announced that they were in the process of conducting additional research and surveillance to create support systems and other protective measures that should prevent drug overdoses throughout the country. There are also special sources of funding that have been dedicated to addressing this problem. 

Opiates are fairly common because drugs such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Morphine are normally prescribed after someone has undergone surgery, cancer treatment, or has chronic pain. However, once someone begins using these drugs, it often leads to addiction and additional health problems. Even if someone is taking opiates as directed by a doctor, there are serious side effects including nausea, confusion, depression, constipation, physical dependency, and lower hormone levels. About 41 people die each day in the United States from opiate use, which makes them a very dangerous category of drugs, despite the fact that doctors routinely give out valid prescriptions for their use. 

Reasons why legal action may be necessary

Some drugs are given out to patients for years before they are found to be dangerous or recalled. Unfortunately, years of using a problematic drug can result in irreversible damage. Many companies that manufacture and distribute opiates in the United States have already been sued for this reason. Some law firms have started to dedicate segments of their practice to these issues, as thousands of victims need legal help every year.  

Speak with a lawyer to learn more about drug injury lawsuits

If you know a family member who has died or experienced significant health problems because of their prescriptions or medications, it is important to get assistance from a local attorney. To get professional help in the Houston, Texas area, contact:

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