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Do You Need To Speak With A Medical Malpractice Attorney In Hawaii?

If you have suffered or are currently suffering from an injury, illness, or impairment which you believe could have been averted if your doctor had provided reasonably acceptable medical care or if in fact the injury or illness was a direct result of an error made by the doctor or healthcare professional, then you may be confused about whether you can do anything about it.

Thanks to the state laws in effect in Hawaii, the fantastic news is that you can do something about it. You can take legal action against the liable party (be it a doctor, a nurse, a surgeon, or the entire healthcare organization) and sue the defendants in order to receive compensation you deserve for both economic and non-economic losses you had to incur and are incurring.

You can find this legal help using where you are at right now. With very little time involved and focus needed, you find several legal representatives that work in this legal arena that you can set up an appointment with and speak with. It is very simple! We built this site for people in your exact position.

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Some of the most common examples of medical malpractice in Hawaii


Here are some instances where the actions or inactions of the healthcare provider can be considered as medical malpractice:

  1. Delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or a complete failure to diagnose – Obviously, identifying the problem is the first step in order to be able to solve it. If despite symptoms indicative of a condition have manifested and yet the doctor wrongly diagnoses the patient, takes unreasonably too long to diagnose the patient, or does not diagnose the patient at all, then it is most certainly considered medical malpractice.
  1. Delayed or incorrect treatment – Timely treatment is crucial in many medical cases. Overcrowding in the emergency room, delayed diagnosis, etc. can result in a delayed treatment which can prove to be fatal for the patient in some cases.
  1. Surgical errors – Operating on the wrong organ/part, leaving medical equipment inside the body of a patient, and so on are quintessential examples of negligence and malpractice.
  1. Medication errors – Administering the incorrect medication or dosage of a medication can be deadly and even exacerbate an illness, injury, or disease.
  1. Anesthesia errors – Anesthesia can be fatal even if a slight overdose is administered.
  1. Birth injuries resulting from negligent prenatal treatment or during childbirth.


Why you need legal assistance


Medical malpractice laws aren’t just extensive but are also very complex. You ought to be aware that hospitals will have legal pros to handle allegations and lawsuits filed against them and so you will most certainly need an attorney on your side too if you are serious about suing the healthcare professional or organization and winning damages.

Filing a lawsuit is meticulous work, and it needs to be done before the statute of limitations expires. Filing the lawsuit is one thing, but winning the lawsuit will require experience, tact, perseverance, and a thorough comprehension of medical malpractice laws. It will also require investigatory work, gathering evidence, and summoning medical experts to testify in your favor, certainly one of them!

These cases tend to be long and there is no guarantee but the system is in place to restore order and they may want to settle to get this behind them if they believe they may lose the case in open court. If your case is strong, all the more better for you!

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