Marcellus Willey, an ESPN analyst and former Pro Bowl Defender who played in Buffalo, Jacksonville, Dallas, and San Diego from 1997-2006, has joined hands with 250 players that are accusing the NFL of illegally providing its players with powerful narcotics during the season.

Marcellus Willey with an unknown date at the 18th annual ESPY Awards.

Marcellus Willey with an unknown date at the 18th annual ESPY Awards.

Greedy Players

If they did not receive this medicine, would they have played without it? Or would they rather have lost their position to someone else?

Doctor’s Negligence

A medical malpractice lawsuit against NFL and its physicians was filed on 20th May 2014 in U.S. District Court of Northern California for misleading its players into using painkillers and illegal drugs during game days. It is being alleged that this has left the players with long term health issues. A total of 750 plaintiffs have joined this lawsuit claiming deteriorated health over a period of time.

It was found that the pain killers generally used included Percodan, Percocet, and Vicodin.  Medical malpractice lead attorney, Steve Silverman revealed that many teams filled out fake prescriptions on behalf of the players, without their consent. All these painkillers, sleeping pills and anti-inflammatory medicines were given to players either as required health supplements or were dissolved in cocktails.

Marcellus Willey, answering a question raised by people “Knowing what happened, would you do it again?” said, “No. No I wouldn’t”. Many former players that include Van Horne and McMahon who have suffered from concussions have also been involved in the class action lawsuit related to concussion filed a year ago. The players are experiencing organ failures, bone ailments, muscle pain, and severe physical pain as a result of the drugs.

Is that worse than not being able to play in the NFL for a couple more years and make another $2 million or more?

Wiley is not involved in the concussion lawsuit but has joined the players after suffering from kidney related issues.  He recalled taking multiple injections recommended by San Diego Team Physician, Dr. David Chao to reduce groin pain. This condition had to be operated upon by another surgeon when a serious tear in his abdomen was diagnosed.

Marcellus Willey is very wealthy but is still unhappy.

Marcellus Willey is very wealthy but is still unhappy.

Doctor’s Responsibilities

Dr. David Chao had to step down from his post as the Team Physician last year when he was accused of negligence by the NFL Players Association. Chao had his license to practice as physician revoked after he was accused of dishonesty, corruption, and medical malpractice. According to a past record, Chao had also been involved in a DUI lawsuit and was found guilty. He was also charged in another medical malpractice lawsuit in the year 2012, filed by a patient where he was asked to pay a fine of $5.2 million.

The Verdict Awaits

The medical malpractice and negligence lawsuit has been filed by the players. There are more than 750 plaintiffs claiming deterioration of health and prolonged side effects of the painkillers they were prescribed during the game season, without their knowledge. The main hindrance that the players will face is actually being able to prove that these illegal drugs have in a real sense caused great risk to their lives. It will be argued that they are suffering from these health issues due to family history or addictions from smoking and drinking alcohol.