A Fargo surgeon, Dr. Robert Sticca, who heads the Department of Surgery at the University of North Dakota’s medical school, has been accused of medical malpractice by Gina and Jason Bowles. They have filed a federal suit against the doctor saying that he removed the wrong rib from Gina Bowles. This required second surgery to remove the correct rib and caused her pain, suffering, emotional distress, and disability. Her husband too has suffered from loss of her services, care, comfort, and companionship.

A Critical Error

If you suspect that you have received incorrect medical treatment or surgery was performed on the wrong organ or spot, you should retain the services of a medical malpractice lawyer who can help you file a case against the surgeon concerned. Incorrect surgery can lead to additional pain and trauma as you are likely to be subjected to a second surgery to rectify the errors or to accomplish what the first surgery should have done.medical

How can an entire surgical team make a mistake like this? Did the leading doctor overrule everyone around him or her? How can a mistake of this caliber happen?

The Hospital Picks Up the Tab

In such cases, your family is also affected as they have to do without your company and care while you recover from the two surgeries. As a rule, a surgeon is expected to be aware of the location that requires surgery and not harm or remove any other part of your body or organ.

The Patient is the Victim

A medical malpractice lawyer will be able to assess the evidence from the medical reports and file a suit against the surgeon concerned. For this, the lawyer has to prove that you were a patient of the surgeon, that the standard of care provided was not up to reasonable levels, and that you have suffered from the error. In such cases, you will be compensated for the financial losses you have incurred as well as for the pain and suffering you and your family have undergone because of the error.

North Dakota though has a lot to smile about and that is oil shale though. Despite this hospital’s mistake, jobs and money are flowing into North Dakota.