A birth injury can result in permanent injuries and life-long disability.

Bronx, NY- Modern medicine has made childbirth less traumatic for mothers and infants, but sometimes things go wrong, and an infant suffers an injury during birth. Some birth injuries are unavoidable, but some instances are the result a doctor’s, nurse’s, or other medical professional’s action or lack of action.

Family Awarded $8 Million for Birth Injury

In a recent case, a Pennsylvania family was awarded an $8 million settlement because their child suffered an injury during child birth. The family alleges that the attending obstetrician was negligent when attending the birth of the child in 2009 because he delayed an emergency C-section and the child’s brain was deprived of oxygen, according to Philly.com.

The family’s lawsuit states that mother went to the hospital complaining of decreased fetal movement. Although testing showed the fetus was in distress, the attending obstetrician did not see the woman for three hours. Upon seeing the patient, he ordered an emergency cesarean section, but the child was born with several permanent injuries including a seizure disorder, visual impairment and the worst form of cerebral palsy, Philly.com reports.

The couple filed a medical negligence claim with in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court asking Temple University Hospital to pay them $100 million. Eventually, the hospital decided to settle with the family for $8 million to cover the child’s lifetime medical expenses after being warned they could face a much larger settlement if they took the case to a higher court.

The family’s case was settled this past April after Temple University Hospital won an appeal in which a judge ordered the federal government to pay half of the $8 million settlement.

Birth Injuries and Medical Malpractice Claims

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If an infant is injured during childbirth or aftercare due to medical negligence, that child’s parents can file an injury claim. Parents can seek compensation for economic and emotional damages on behalf of their child. Economic Damages can include the costs of a child’s lifetime medical expenses, daily living expenses and loss of income. A medical malpractice victim can also seek damages for their emotional distress including their physical and emotional pain and loss of enjoyment of life.

Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney in the Bronx, New York

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