Houston, TX – Americans trust their doctors to prescribe them with medications to treat various illnesses and conditions. In most cases, this happens without incident and the patient sees an improved quality of life from taking their medications and following the doctor’s instructions. However, there have been situations where drugs have been recalled for their potential to create additional problems, or even produce fatal side effects. When this happens, the doctor or the drug manufacturer may be liable for any problems caused by their actions. A civil attorney who deals with medical issues and malpractice can provide more information to victims.  

A doctor’s standard of care

All physicians are held to a certain standard of care in the civil law. In many cases, this is even higher than the standard of care imposed on many people and businesses, because a doctor receives so much specialized training and education. There is also the possibility that mistakes made by a physician can have life changing consequences, which is why it is so important they are careful about assigning a course of treatment or prescribing medicine. 

Pharmaceutical companies and product warnings

The drug manufacturers are also supposed to test their products thoroughly before marketing them, and provide adequate warnings on their packaging so that potential users will be aware of possible side effects and risks. There have been a number of situations where a drug was later found to cause very serious health problems after it had already been released and used by thousands of individuals. 

Negligence cases against healthcare professionals and drug manufacturers

Any breach of the standard of care by either a doctor who prescribes medications improperly, or a company that manufactures dangerous drugs can result in a negligence case. This is a common type of civil action that essentially says a person or entity failed to meet the adequate standard of care, and caused harm to one or more individuals. 

In situations involving prescriptions, additional medical treatment, hospitalization, and missed time from work can be some of the potential losses for a victim who was affected by an unsafe drug. The attorney for this victim can add up all of these losses and argue that their client should be entitled to damages to compensate the victim for these amounts, as well as additional damages for intangible losses related to pain and suffering. 

Getting assistance from a local lawyer

Anyone who believes that they have been improperly treated by their doctor and given improper prescriptions should consult with a licensed attorney to explore their options. Blizzard Law is an experienced firm in the Houston area that assists victims with lawsuits against drug manufacturers and negligent doctors. 

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