Houston, TX – Over the last several decades, prescription drug manufacturers have been sued for causing things like birth defects, liver problems, and even death. Needless to say, injuries caused by prescription drugs can become very serious in some situations. These problems are common enough that government agencies and consumer protection organizations started to collect data related to the number of people who are adversely affected by prescription drugs every year. 

Doctors who negligently prescribe incorrect drugs

Aside from the drug company, a doctor who improperly prescribes or administers drugs can be sued for malpractice. There are billions of dollars worth of settlements and verdicts against doctors that are paid out in the United States each year, which means that doctors certainly can and do make mistakes. Due to a doctor’s background and training, they should be aware of the appropriate type and dosage of medication to give any patient. They are held to a higher standard of care than many other professionals in this regard because of their expertise and training. Doctors also handle sensitive issues that can result in a person surviving or dying, which is why all healthcare professionals are subject to strict licensing requirements. 

Errors with medication dosages and types

Statistics from the Institute of Medicine show that between 1 and 1.5 million people each year experience some kind of adverse effects from prescription medications. There are some general pieces of advice given to people who are taking prescriptions that can help avoid errors and other complications. 

It is important for anyone taking a drug to confirm that their prescription is correct and they are not taking the wrong medication, or the correct medication at an incorrect dosage. The medication may also have instructions about avoiding certain things like food or alcohol while taking the drug. These precautions should be followed to minimize the possibility of the drug reacting with another substance. Some medications can also cause symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue, and they should not be taken before driving or working. 

Records of all active prescriptions and when they are taken should be kept around a person’s home in case another person needs to assist or report an emergency. This can also help avoid taking too much medication on the same day. Any new prescriptions should also be checked against this list to make sure no reactions will occur from mixing drugs. 

Getting help from a local firm

Attorneys in the Houston area are available for clients who have experienced a death of a family member or an adverse reaction to their medications. Blizzard Law, PLLC focuses on assisting victims who have had these kinds of prescription related injuries. 

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