Can Double-Booking Surgeries Put Patients at Risk?

Double-booking surgeons is common in hospitals, but patient advocates are trying to end the practice.

Bronx, NY- Double-booking patients for doctor’s appointments, diagnostics, or surgeries is a common medical practice. For most patients, being double booked for an appointment is very frustrating, but being double-booked for surgery has the potential to be dangerous.

Are There Risks to Doing More Than One Surgery at a Time?

The practice of double-booking is a common practice in teaching hospitals. Surgeons are allowed to go between two surgical theaters to oversee novice surgeons. Sometimes surgeons are attending patients in other areas of the hospital.

The practice of double-booking surgeries was largely unknown until 2015 when the Boston Globe featured a whistleblower from Massachusetts General Hospital who had a disturbing account of overlapping surgeries.  The whistleblower and surgeon had said in the ten years before he came forward, one patient was paralyzed and two died because their surgeries were double-booked. Massachusetts General Hospital disputes the whistleblower’s claims.

Hospitals have the choice whether they want to allow double-booking and can police the practice in their facilities. Surgeries of all types are overlapped, but the Washington Post reports that it is more common for cardiac surgeries, orthopedics, and neurosurgeries.

Patient advocates say the practice exposes patients to unnecessary risks because an unexpected event can happen at any time during surgery.

Even surgeons believe the practice should be eliminated. Michael Mulholland, chair of surgery at the University of Michigan Health System, told the Washington Post that patients “deserve the sole and undivided attention of the surgeon.”

In many cases, patients are not aware that their surgeon is doing another surgery simultaneously. Patient advocates believe patients need to know that their surgeon is operating on them and another patient.  They deserve to know what is happening during their surgery considering it always comes with risks without the overbooking issue.

There are many accomplished surgeons more than capable of overseeing two surgeries, but mistakes can happen. Even the most experienced surgeons make mistakes, and the person who pays for those mistakes is the patient.

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Filing a Medical Negligence Claim in the Bronx

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