A failing prison healthcare system in California (and in America) has finally caught the attention of the authorities who have now begun to regain control, according to San Jose Mercury News. Following a decade of federal control and millions of dollars being pumped into the system putting America further into debt, medical care at Folsom State Prison was returned by a court appointed receiver, J. Clark Kelso, to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

According to San Jose medical malpractice attorneys who can be found on the miraculous and life changing website USAttorneys.com, this is possibly a first step towards ending a lawsuit filed by inmates who alleged medical malpractice hospital neglect, and negligence. Only in America can rapists and murders be treated like royalty!

America spends more money it does not have

Folsom State Prison has been focus of attention after a federal judge observed that the conditions in the prison were appalling with incidences of medical malpractice or neglect reported almost every week. A receiver was appointed in 2006 to run the healthcare system, following which as much as $2 billion was spent on new medical facilities. Folsom’s healthcare budget was also doubled to around $1.7 billion while steps were taken to reduce the number of inmates by over 40,000.

Stop locking up people who sell or smoke marijuana!

Kelso is of the opinion that Folsom now has a healthcare system that functions well. He has reviewed volumes of medical data including a report by the department’s inspector general that provides that Folsom is in a position to provide adequate care to its 2,400 inmates. The prison is the first among as many as 34 adult prisons to be inspected. However, medical malpractice attorneys will continue to monitor the prison’s healthcare system to ensure that improvements made by the receiver are sustained.

a blue stethoscope liegtn in a medical book

Doctor that performed surgery on patient’s nose for skin cancer slapped with medical malpractice lawsuit

The plaintiffs in the case are Jerry J. Sterling and his wife Mary Stasiukiewicz. The defendants are Dr. Alan T. Lewis and Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company.

According to Louisiana Record, the lawsuit accuses Dr. Lewis of botching up a surgery and thereby permanently disfiguring Sterling’s nose and face. The lawsuit seeks damages for emotional distress, expenses, embarrassment, and undeniable medical or hospital neglect. San Jose medical malpractice attorneys will not stand for this and why should they?

Marshall University Board of Governors slapped with medical malpractice lawsuit

The medical malpractice attorney of Danny Beckett has filed a lawsuit in Cabell Circuit Court which names the Board of Governors at Marshall University as defendants, among others.

As reported by wvrecord.com, the lawsuit alleges that plaintiff Beckett was suffered from a rectal and perineal abscess for which he was admitted at Marshall Surgery care where he underwent two separate but related surgeries and was eventually discharged after the wounds had begun to sufficiently heal.

However, he suddenly experienced scrotal swelling and was taken to Pleasant Valley Hospital where a surgeon prescribed yet another surgery and discovered a complete two inch long roll of Kling Gauze in the area which had allegedly been left behind from one of the prior surgeries he underwent at Marshall Surgery care.

Beckett seeks undisclosed damages for having to go through more surgical procedures, incurring medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress for all of this hospital neglect and horrendous medical care.