Calexico California medical malpractice attorneys are effective in damage compensation for medical malpractice claims when individuals are injured, or die as a direct result of a health care professional’s actions. The incident must occur while an individual is under the care of a particular health care provider, establishing a professional relationship, and result in a focused injury, or residual long term harms stemming from a misdiagnosis of a condition, poor care and treatment, or disruptions in health care management after an initial treatment.  


Experienced medical malpractice attorneys utilize federal and state laws to initiate litigation to assist victims who have suffered after: 

  • a medical procedure caused complications and side effects,
  • experiencing an focused injury due to a medical professional’s action, 
  • a health care professional failed to diagnose a serious condition, or disease,
  • individuals’ report a delayed suspicion of suffering medical malpractice. 

Multiple defendants can be named in legal actions and state law will determine if they are jointly, or severally responsible for the damage awards.  

Professional standard of care.  

Certain medical standards are recognized by medical professionals as being acceptable medical treatment undertaken by prudent health care professionals under the same, or similar conditions referred to as “the standard of care.” Patients have rights to expect delivery of consistent and specialized methods in their standard of care. Negligence must provide four elements to include:

  • A health care professional owed a duty of care to a patient,
  • A health care professional deviated from a professionally acknowledged standard of care,
  • A patient suffered damages,
  • Damages were the direct result of the health care professional’s deviation.

Injury caused by negligence.   

The patient must prove that deviations from the professional standard of care resulted in the medical injury and caused a loss of income, substantial and residual pain, continuing suffering and hardship, extraordinary and sometimes exorbitant past and future medical bills related to treatment, all of which must add up to significant damage amounts to be worthwhile to litigate.  A California medical malpractice attorney can work with insurance companies who may be willing to offer a comprehensive settlement to cover the injury and damages to the patient when court action may be too costly. 


State. Legal action for medical malpractice claims is usually initiated within the state where the harmful injury occurred.  States may require an affidavit, or certificate of merit from a medical expert before a medical liability, or malpractice case can proceed through the judicial system.

Federal.  Federal court can have jurisdiction over a medical  malpractice claim if the parties named in the claim are citizens of different states, or under the Federal Torts Claim Act (FTCA), when medical malpractice lawsuits are filed against physicians working at medical facilities operated by the federal government. 

Legal counsel.

Victims of malpractice should consult with a Calexico medical malpractice attorney for guidance.  A California medical malpractice attorney is aware of, and can explain the importance of the burden of proof involved in the formal legal action.

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