Beverly Hills is recognized for the more luxurious things in life. From the top of the line clothing designers to “infallible” plastic surgeons, Beverly Hills attracts some of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry seeking a new and improved look. It also attracts many wealthy individuals who are under the impression that it is the ideal place to have a cosmetic procedure done. Although there have been many pleased patients who have walked out of a plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills, there are a handful of procedures that went sour, leaving patients injured, deformed, and even dead.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that a 71-year-old patient who happened to be a doctor himself died during a plastic procedure. Mark Greenspan went to the Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills to have a procedure done that would require anesthesia. Dr. Stephen Kyosung Kim, 53, was the anesthesiologist who administered the drug, but apparently gave Greenspan a lethal dose of the narcotic Demerol. After the surgery, Greenspan suffered cardiac arrest and died as a result of the overdose.

Fingers began being pointed at Kim, who was also accused of injecting himself with drugs during the procedure. Although it wasn’t reported what the doctor had injected himself with, he was said to be operating while under the influence of drugs during the time of the surgery. Now, Kim is facing a murder charge for the death of Greenspan, a rare charge to be pinned on a physician for committing medical malpractice.

The news source pointed out that “though doctors have long faced the threat of malpractice lawsuits and losing their medical licenses, it’s relatively unusual to hold physicians criminally accountable for their patients’ deaths — especially with a murder charge.” But Kim isn’t the only doctor who has been faced with a murder charge. Back in 2015, Dr. Hsiu-Ying was charged with second-degree murder after prescribing medication that led to three patients overdosing. All three patients died as a result. This was the first time a doctor had been convicted of murder in the U.S. for recklessly prescribing drugs to a patient.


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It can sometimes be difficult to hold a physician accountable for their mistakes which is why you need to enlist the help of a medical malpractice lawyer to assist.

In the past, doctors were faced with lighter penalties for engaging in medical malpractice as opposed to the severe criminal charges they could have been faced with.


Take the case involving Dr. Conrad Murray who administered a surgical anesthetic that killed pop star, Michael Jackson. He was only charged with involuntary manslaughter, not murder. Although it can be difficult to hold a health care professional accountable for a patient’s death, Kim’s case is expected to serve as a lesson to other physicians out there who might not be abiding by the standard level of care that is expected of them.

And if you have been harmed by a physician or lost a loved one during a procedure, you may have a medical negligence case on your hands. To learn more about what constitutes as medical malpractice, contact today to get connected with a local medical malpractice attorney in Beverly Hills, CA who can explain this to you.