Dr. Windelll Davis-Boutte, who is a board-certified dermatologist and owner of Premier Aesthetics Center in Atlanta, Ga, has been receiving a great deal of backlash after she posted several videos of herself and other medical staff on her YouTube channel dancing to music while in the middle of performing a procedure on an unconscious patient. In one video, Boutte was seen making an incision, although it was blurred, while singing and “cavorting” with the patient.


Perhaps Dr. Davis-Boutte thought these videos would help attract more patients to her practice, however, it has only caused more light to be shed on the number of individuals she has actually left dissatisfied and disfigured.

A botched surgery left a newborn suffering with brain damage.

While Boutte’s website refers to her as “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” many believe the level of experience she has doesn’t exactly make her a “good doctor.” In fact, WSB-TV 2 reported that Boutte has settled five medical malpractice lawsuits within in the past six months and still has four pending against her. Below is a description of a few of the cases that have been brought against Boutte.



The Case Involving Icilma Cornelius


A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed by 26-year-old Ojay Liburd on behalf of his mother who suffered significant brain damage after her visit to Boutte’s office in 2016. According to the source, Liburd’s mother was preparing to get married and only credits away from earning her Ph.D. She went to Boutte for liposuction and a panniculectomy. But, in her attempt to get ready for her wedding, she lost her everything she had going for her. After undergoing surgery for more than eight hours, her heart stopped. While she managed to pull through, she did suffer permanent brain damage and now relies on around-the-clock care. She never walked down the aisle, had the opportunity to wear her wedding gown, and never finished her final courses to earn her Ph.D.


Not only was Cornelius not intubated, but she never received general anesthesia. Instead, “she was given a cocktail of drugs, including Propofol and fentanyl. The lawsuit claimed no end-tidal CO2 monitoring equipment was used during the procedure” either. And when it came time to sew up Cornelius’ tummy tuck incision, that is when she went into cardiac arrest. Oddly enough, the RN anesthetist who was “supposed” to be monitoring Cornelius’ vitals had already left the room. And to make matters worse, Boutte’s Lilburn office is not a licensed surgery center. But, in the state of Georgia, “it is legal for any physician to operate, even if they are not a board-certified surgeon,” according to the news source.


Two Sisters Sue Boutte


Two sisters also filed medical malpractice lawsuits against Boutte after going to her office in 2015 and leaving “deformed.” The sisters said they went in for Smart Lipo, which removed fat with lasers, but received conventional liposuction, which is not what they consented to. One of the sisters said, “It’s more like Freddie Krueger cut my stomach.” The other sister told the source she doesn’t “feel normal,” rather she now feels “deformed.”


Sadly, the lawsuits don’t end with those two cases. One woman told the source after going to see Boutte for a procedure, she woke up in a hotel the next morning with a McDonald’s sandwich in her hand.


How is Boutte still in practice you wonder?


Not only is Boutte’s facility not accredited, but is it doesn’t use general anesthesia. And while the state medical board has received two years of evidence indicating her medical errors, they still regard her as being suitable to practice. And it appears she still is.


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