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It is very unfortunate that as patients in need of medical treatment and care, we now have to worry about our healthcare providers and doctors. Are they competent enough to give us the care and treatment necessary?

We put out health and lives in the hands of doctors, and for the most part, they are highly trained professionals who know what they are doing and always abide by the Hippocratic oath they took. However, like with any other line of business and industry, there are always bound to be some lazy and misguided ones and healthcare professionals are not exempt.

They are fallible; they are human!

No one should have to suffer disability, injury, illness, or even death as a result of negligence by the same person entrusted with actually making them healthier, but the truth is that it happens all too often.

Doctors are human too as just stated, and like the rest of us, they are prone to making mistakes as well. The difference is that the mistakes they make will affect lives substantially. Therefore, in Arkansas (and many other states in the country) there is something known as an acceptable standard of care.

This is basically used to compare the actions of the healthcare provider in question to see if the care they provided was sub-standard when compared to the acceptable standard of care. If found to be lacking then the doctor or the health care professional in question is deemed to have committed medical malpractice.

This is when you need a legal counselor. You need to accept it, you are now a statistic and screaming at the nurses in the hospital is pointless. You may need one of them to support you months later as well. You can find this medical malpractice legal representative using USAttorneys.com which is a judicious website that helps people find the legal help they need when they need it. And you never know when you will need it! These matters rarely fit themselves nicely in your schedule.

The standard of care is determined by hypothetically putting an equally qualified doctor in the position or circumstance pertaining to the case in hand and determining what he or she would have done in such a case.


Types of medical malpractice


Diagnosis based errors – Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis can be considered as medical malpractice especially when the symptoms clearly point to the right condition. Often, doctors carelessly and hastily misdiagnose patients and this causes all sorts of short-term and long-term health issues.

Medication errors – The administering of incorrect medication or the improper dose of the right medication is also a type of medical malpractice. Nurses are usually held liable in such cases as they are the one that actually administer the medication.

Surgical errors – There are plenty of shocking stories when it comes to surgeries gone wrong. Sometimes surgeons leave surgical equipment inside the bodies of their patients, sometimes they operate on the wrong organ completely, etc.


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