Anesthesiologist Faces Life in Prison for Tampering With IV Bags

Michigan–An anesthesiologist practicing out of a medical facility in Dallas could be facing a maximum penalty of life in prison after he was arrested for tampering with IV bags which allegedly caused a co-worker’s death (1). Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr., 59, is being accused of injecting “nerve blocking agents and other drugs into patient IV bags at a local surgery center.”

In a U.S. Justice Department press release published on September 15, 2022, officials stated that they believe Ortiz tampered with multiple IV bags over the course of several months, which is likely to have caused several medical emergencies to arise while less invasive procedures were being performed. 


Officials identified at least 10 unexpected cardiac emergencies which may be linked to the defective IV bags.


Dr. Ortiz became a person of interest after a 55-year-old co-worker of his passed away. The doctor, who treated herself for dehydration with an IV bag she presumed contained only saline, suffered a medical emergency shortly after. An autopsy later revealed that the doctor had passed away from a lethal dose of bupivacaine, which the DOJ says is a nerve blocking agent.

Although this is the only death officials have connected to the defective IV bags, more than 10 other incidents had occurred, all of which may have stemmed from Ortiz’s alleged criminal activity. The DOJ says that between May and June 2022, multiple people suffered complications during the medical procedures they were having performed, though medical professionals were able to “stabilize” the patients “through the use of emergency measures.” 

One of the incidents involved an 18-year-old male who was undergoing routine sinus surgery while another involved a 56-year-old woman who was having a cosmetic procedure performed. Officials say Ortiz had stored the defective IV bags in a stainless steel bag warmer and on one occasion, dissuaded a physician from using an IV bag he didn’t supply them with.

Officials believe Ortiz may have tampered with the bags after he was faced with disciplinary action for allegedly deviating away from the standard of care.


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