Do You Need To Speak To A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Near You?

Thousands of people are affected by medical malpractice every year in the state of Alabama. Many of these victims end up injured or dead because of someone else’s negligence. Doctors and nurses are professionals who have taken an oath to serve their patients to the best of their abilities. However, they are human too and just like the rest of us, they are prone to errors.

Errors they should not have made.

Unfortunately, these errors can cost other people their lives and there are medical malpractice legal counselors who handle such cases every year who can be found on which is a website that is as about as meaningful as they come. Santa Clause brings people presents; this website brings people hope.

Medical malpractice could be medical mistakes such as misdiagnosis, administering the wrong medication, administering the wrong dose of medication, etc. Sometimes surgeries are taken up when not necessary and sometimes doctors botch up perfectly routine surgeries, all of this will of course be considered as medical malpractice.


What is medical malpractice?


There is something known as “standard of care” in every state of the country. For the most part, the standard of care is based on what a reasonably good and rational healthcare professional would do in a given situation.

Now if and when it is found that the actions of a healthcare professional such as a doctor, nurse or hospital was not up to par as defined in the standard of care, then it can be deemed that the healthcare professional in question is guilty of medical malpractice  or professional negligence.

As per the Alabama medical malpractice law, medical malpractice is said to have occurred when a patient is injured or died as a result of actions/inactions of a health care provider and it is found that failure to exercise the acceptable standard of care, skill, and expertise which a medical professional of the same caliber and medical qualification would exercise under the same sort of circumstances.


Why is it so challenging to find a decent legal representative in The Yellowhammer State?


We understand that it can be daunting to get hold of a well-qualified and well-rounded legal counselor who is licensed to practice specifically in Alabama. This can be attributed to the fact that the medical association in the state is a powerful body and has substantial lobbying capabilities.

They even go as far as to use misinformation and scare tactics and this is precisely the strategy they used in order to have the Alabama Medical Liability Act passed.

Such reforms and laws in Alabama are undoubtedly biased and favor defendants and the medical industry. The lopsidedness means that attorneys will have a very hard time winning medical malpractice cases and a lot of them have even moved on to other states where their chances are better.

However, at we have the cream of the crop when it comes to Alabama medical malpractice lawyers. Despite the fact that reforms are in place which put them at a disadvantage, our legal counselors know what it takes to win a case and have done so in the past for a plethora of victims.

Use the interactive map on the site to find a legal representative in your area. You should have several choices. Any issues with this, contact us using our contact form and we will call you back shortly, during a decent calling time.

We know what it takes to win. We have the legal pros for you. What happened to you or your loved one is terrible and bad medicine or bad doctoring should be put in check. We need to be better than that!