An Alabama physician was recently indicted in a case related to the death of 38 year old Matt Roberts, a guitarist with popular rock band 2 Doors Down. As reported by, the arrest comes three months after Roberts’ death. Medical malpractice lawyers in Birmingham, AL are paying close attention to these developments and they can be found on which is a fabulous website devoted to helping those out in legal need.

The musician was found dead in his hotel room in West Bend, Wisconsin after an alleged prescription drug overdose. A joint investigation into the case is being conducted by the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Alabama, Mobile Alabama Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and local law enforcement.


The doctor in question, Dr. Richard Snellgrove has been charged with the illegal distribution of drugs, which authorities believe were obtained from Snellgrove at his Fairhope, AL clinic. This includes prescriptions for fentanyl, Methadone, loraxepam, and other controlled substances. The doctor is alleged to have intentionally prescribed the drugs using names of different individuals so that they could be supplied to Roberts.

Doctor indicted on six counts of illegal prescription drug distribution

Medical malpractice lawyers in Birmingham, AL explain that Dr. Snellgrove was indicted on six counts for the illegal distribution of drugs in connection with Robert’s death. In October, Michael Burk, a Special Agent with the DEA had testified that Snellgrove was treating Roberts since 2004 during which he prescribed a variety of opioids.

According to court documents, an individual who was not one of Dr. Snellgrove’s patients received prescriptions that were later picked up by Roberts. The name of the individual has been redacted in the files. The individual did visit the doctor in February of 2006 but stopped treatment one year later and is said to be aware of the prescriptions being routed to Roberts in his name.

Authorities link series of pharmacy visits

Leading Alabama medical malpractice attorneys point out that evidence will play a vital role in the case. One of the pieces of evidence includes text messages between Roberts and Snellgrove on August 17th.

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Dr. Snellgrove and Roberts were communicating via the phone.

The messages reveal that Roberts requested meeting with the doctor the next day following which he visited Snellgrove’s office and picked up a prescription for month’s supply of 50 mcg transdermal fentanyl patches and 10/325 mg Norco pills.

The guitarist then went to Rite Aid pharmacy to pick up the drugs. However, the store did not have 50 mcg fentanyl patches. The worker at the pharmacy became wary when Roberts requested for stronger 75mcg fentanyl patches instead. Roberts made a call to who the worker believes was Snellgrove at the other end to confirm the stronger dose. However, the worker decided to lie and claimed there was no stock.

Roberts reportedly visited a CVS pharmacy in Daphne around 25 minutes later armed with a 75 mcg prescription from Snellgrove. On searching the doctor’s premises the authorities found the printed prescription for 75 mcg fentanyl patches for Roberts, which finally led to his arrest. Roberts was found in his hotel room with a 75 mcg fentanyl patch on his right side and two prescription pill bottles with alprazolam. Autopsy reports revealed fluid in the lungs which is consistent with opiate overdose.

Was he tired of making music?

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