Is it a good thing, or do these statistics represent less individuals gaining compensation for a doctor’s wrongdoing?

Anybody and everybody working in the medical field that interacts and tends to patients in some form is liable should they make a mistake or accidentally harm a patient in the midst of the treatment being provided. While Kentucky medical malpractice attorneys report that there has been a significant decrease in the amount of paid claims relating to medical malpractice cases in the U.S., it doesn’t necessarily mean there has been a drop in the number of cases occurring. Perhaps that is something to consider as medical malpractice lawyers share with you some medical negligence facts and just how common these errors are.

According to The True Cost of Health Care, going back to 2003, there was a reported amount of 15,000 medical claims that were paid, and then the numbers decreased in 2014 to 8900. In total, with the most recent reports displayed on the site, approximately $3.6 million was paid out in medical claims in 2014 alone, although it does not indicate how many were actually processed, even though they weren’t paid.

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Medical malpractice legal representatives in Kentucky highlight that in order to successfully file a claim, proof must be provided indicating your physician or any other individual working in the medical field showed some sign of negligence causing you harm or injuries. Not always is this proof easy to come by. Sometimes, you realize something just isn’t quite right following the procedure rendered, and it isn’t until months down the road that you realize your condition has worsened.


So what is the reasoning behind the drop in paid claims? Perhaps doctors are becoming more aware of their actions?

As much as medical malpractice attorneys in Kentucky  would would like to agree and acknowledge that those working in the medical field are becoming more accountable for their actions while being even more conscious as they care for patients, it seems as though it has become significantly harder for claims to get paid, even when they are taken to court.

Some medical physicians will claim your injury was brought on by a pre-existing condition, while others will completely deny the fact that they did anything that would impose harm or suffering on you. But with the number of paid claims decreasing, clearly doctors are gaining more protection against individuals who are accusing them of providing reckless care.

So what is the best option for you should you fall victim to a doctor who did in fact make a mistake?

Hire a reputable and worthy medical malpractice lawyer in Kentucky who has prior experience in working with cases involving health care professionals and their lack of concern for the patients they see. And as you begin the process of selecting the legal professional at, be sure you retain a copy of all medical information, and jot down important dates, and specific conditions you have dealt with as a result of this doctor’s mistake.