3 Most Important Types of Evidence in Mississippi Medical Malpractice Cases

Jackson, MS – Since medical malpractice cases can be difficult to win, make sure you know what the three most important types of evidence are in Mississippi medical malpractice cases.

Although one of the most vital pieces of information in medical malpractice cases is a medical record, these files often miss information that is needed in order to win a case. After all, medical records can’t help you if they are lost and unable to be used as evidence.

Making sure you have all of the evidence collected is just one of the many reasons you need a medical malpractice attorney in Jackson on your side. The legal team at The Bowling Firm will schedule expert testimonies, interview both medical staff and witnesses, analyze your medical records, and help you avoid accepting a settlement that is way below what you deserve and missing damages you could potentially be entitled to.

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If you are considering pursuing a medical malpractice case, these are the three most important types of evidence:

  1. Sworn Deposition Testimony of the Defendant

A sworn deposition testimony from the negligent medical professional can give invaluable insight into the cause of the medical mistake. Specifically, the defendant’s credibility could be reduced if it contradicts the medical record.

  1. Expert Testimonies 

In order to win a medical malpractice case, the plaintiff will have to show that another doctor in the same field would have acted differently in the same situation, and that it would have resulted in a better outcome, according to the Louisiana State University. It is not uncommon to have a medical expert go on record and explain why the actions of the doctor or nurse in question were negligent. A medical malpractice lawyer in Mississippi will be able to make sure you take important things into consideration before going to trial, like the fact that medical experts usually have to be from another state; more often than not, physicians are not willing to testify against medical professionals in their own state.

  1. Medical Records

Medical records from the patient are generally the most important evidence in a medical malpractice case in Mississippi. The details in the medical records are usually the deciding factor in whether or not the lawsuit is successful.

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