29-Year Old Dies After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in Miami Dade County

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Butt lifts have become rather popular recently and while many women are having procedures done to enhance the size of their own, others are struggling with the serious complications that arise.

Women are always looking for ways to enhance their bodies or perfect something they aren’t quite content with. Plastic surgery is a growing industry as doctors are able to give women assets they normally wouldn’t have. While many are able to undergo procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentations, butt lifts, etc., others struggle with complications that come with any type of surgery. But because plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity, many women and even men, place their trust in these doctors which implies that the procedure is actually safe and can be done.

Tragic Case Involving the Death of a Patient Who Underwent Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Although plastic surgery has been around for years, many women today have become caught up in the trend of enhancing the size of their butt. Butt injections, butt lifts, and Brazilian butt lifts are one of the most common procedures being done but many who are desperate find themselves in unfortunate situations all because they desire to have a larger butt.

Take for instance a case that hit news sources last November. It involved 29-year old Heather Meadows and her family. Meadows traveled to Hialeah, FL with her friend where the two were expected to have their surgery done together at Encore Plastic Surgery Inc. Meadows went first, but after the surgery was completed, she was transported to the hospital where she later died from complications.

According to NBC 6, Meadows went into cardiac arrest after the fat that was injected may have gone in too too deeply into the body and hit a blood vessel. Once the fat makes its way into the bloodstream, it can result in a person not being able to breath. That is exactly what happened to Meadows. Now, her mother has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Miami Dade as she believes the clinic failed to follow acceptable standards of care, fraudulently filled out medical forms and employed nurses that didn’t have the necessary training or background.

The family is currently seeking compensation for damages in excess of $15,000.

Common Complications that Arise with Brazilian Butt Lifts

While most Brazilian butt lift procedures run smoothly, you must remember that every surgical procedure, no matter how invasive or not, brings along with it potential risks. According to tcclinic.com, some risks that may arise with this particular surgical procedure include:

  • Hematoma, which a blood clot.
  • Seroma-a buildup of fluid that occur after surgery.
  • Incision opening- Excessive movement or pressure put on the surgical site may cause it to reopen. 

Are You a Victim to Medical Negligence?

It’s easy to trust a doctor as most have the required training and knowledge to perform a procedure and provide medical advice. But if you feel you have incurred an injury because of a negligence physician, it is vital you speak with a Miami Dade County medical malpractice lawyer immediately to determine what options you have as a victim.

Doctors have a certain standard level of care they must follow and when they don’t, they should be recognized for their mistakes.

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